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I'm Andrii Petlovanyi

Full Stack dev from Ukraine

Photo fullstack developer Andrii Petlovanyi

About me...

...I was born in Morshyn, little town in Lviv region. I so like spinning-fishing, fast cars, psychologic and sometimes I like write little prose. You can read some of it in my blog


1992Born in Morshyn (Ukraine)

2017Completed the Masters degree in Software Engineering of West Ukrainian National University in Ternopil.

2015-2022Worked in Electrolux AB. Last 4 years on position Regional Manager.

My work

7 years of best experience at Electrolux. I was passed the way from Ambassador to Regional Manager. Also instilled Swedish “lagom” and the main rule (always improve) into my life. But now I want to not just distribute finished products, I want to directly create them. To create something that will change the world and make each of us a better life.

Therefore, I chose the direction of Fullstack JavaScript and actively follow the path of the Jedi in learning this stack. (JS, Next.js, React, Astro.js, ReduxToolkit, Node.js/Express, MongoDB, ChakraUI, TailwindCSS, Python) Perseverant, diligent, attentive, and always open to suggestions and communication. At this moment, I am actively accumulating knowledge and pursuing my dream of FullStack dev.

I like...

... spinning fishing, fast cars, psychologic and mountains.